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17th Masonic District - Grand Lodge of New Jersey
Grand Lodge of New Jersey
R.W. Gary J. Olsen
District Deputy Grand Master
R.W. David Melville Russen, Jr.
District Ritual Instructor

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Navesink No. 9
Olive Branch No. 16
Caesarea No. 64
Ocean No. 89
Monmouth No. 172
Durand No. 179
Matawan No. 192

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R.W. Gary J. Olsen
R.W. Gary J. Olsen
District Deputy
Grand Master

R.W. D. Melville Russen, Jr.
R.W. D. Melville Russen
District Ritual Instructor
— Supporting Lodges in Monmouth and Ocean Counties —


Records dating as far back as the mid 1800’s describe the pre–meeting tradition where cigars were distributed to the Brethren so that they could enjoy a smoke during or after a gathering. Even today, in many lodges, the practice of smoking cigars remains very much alive. This custom is considered a time for Brethren to relax, exchange ideas, and enjoy the simplicity and fellowship that is the very essence of Brotherhood.

This is what Hiram & Solomon Cigars is all about. One of their guiding principles is to bring Masonic Brothers together in the harmony of a good cigar.

Additionally, being one of the most fundamental aspects of Freemason Teachings, a way to incorporate charity into such a meaningful company was a must. In order to have the opportunity to give back to their supporters, Hiram & Solomon Cigars will be donate $5.00 per box sold online to the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Furthermore, when they attend cigar nights and other specific lodge functions, they will happily make an adequate donation back to the hosting lodge.

Hiram & Solomon Cigars

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