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17th Masonic District - Grand Lodge of New Jersey
Grand Lodge of New Jersey
R.W. Gary J. Olsen
District Deputy Grand Master
R.W. David Melville Russen, Jr.
District Ritual Instructor

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Durand No. 179
Matawan No. 192

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R.W. Gary J. Olsen
R.W. Gary J. Olsen
District Deputy
Grand Master

R.W. D. Melville Russen, Jr.
R.W. D. Melville Russen
District Ritual Instructor
— Supporting Lodges in Monmouth and Ocean Counties —

17th Masonic District — Blood Drives

When you donate blood, you can help treat premature babies, burn and trauma victims, patients suffering from leukemia and other cancers, cardiac disease, and many other conditions that depend on blood products for recovery. Approximately 65% of the blood supply comes from mobile blood drive locations sponsored by area businesses, communities, schools, and other organizations.

Whether you’re 16 or 60, you can help the Central Jersey Blood Center in its mission to provide an adequate, high quality, and safe supply of blood and blood products to hospitals in New Jersey. For answers to common blood donor questions about blood donor eligibility and information about the benefits of blood donation, click here.

Blood donors who are 16 years old, weigh at least 120 pounds and have never had hepatitis are good candidates to give blood. Children aged 16 must have parental consent to donate blood; 17 and up can donate blood in NJ without parental consent. There is no upper age limit. Medications frequently taken by healthy individuals, such as aspirin, diet pills, birth control pills, blood pressure medication, and cholesterol medication are not a reason for deferral. The use of other medications will be evaluated by a nurse. To learn more about blood donor eligibility, click here.

Giving blood is a safe, free and valuable way for people as young as 16 (with parental consent) and as old as 75 to help their local communities.

Central Jersey Blood Center
Central Jersey Blood Center

To set up a Blood Drive or if you have any questions please contact:
Jessica Law, Account Manager at 732 842 5750 Ext. 225
or email her at jlaw@cjbcblood.org

Masonic Blood Drive
17th Masonic District
Blood Drives
Download the Masonic Blood Drive Sign–In Sheets —> NJ Masonic Blood Drive Sign–In
Word Format
  NJ Masonic Blood Drive Sign–In
PDF Format

District Blood Drive Chairman:
Rick Peterson, P.M.
Email: dane1059@hotmail.com

Masonic Blood Program:
R.W. Edgar A. (Skip) Schmidt, Chairman

Central Region:
Bro. Tom Carl

Upcoming Blood Drives:

Matawan Lodge No. 192
Saturday, October 14th 2017
9:00 AM — 1:00 PM
Additional Dates:
Dates for 2018 TBA

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